Wednesday, April 3, 2013


This last week I was busy getting ready for Easter dinner, when I wasn't working I was home working. We had 20 coming, whew, that's a lot of work. I made (from scratch) vanilla cupcakes with lemon custard filling and meringue frosting.

My grandsons colored the eggs, this year we tried something new I saw on "Pinterest". I went to the dollar store and bought shave cream and little tins for each. They filled up their tins with the shave cream, added drops of different color food coloring, then swirled it around with a fork. We soaked the hard boiled eggs in white vinegar for a minute,

then they rolled their egg in the color. We left the shave cream on about 10 minutes then rinsed them well.

Ending with beautiful marbled eggs.

If you left the shave cream on longer I think you would end up with more color, but I was a little afraid of eating them then. Would it soak in through the shells?

My center peace for the table was made using a big chocolate rabbit sitting on edible grass surrounded by cupcakes

and a color wheel of peeps!

I took out some of the winter greens from the big pots outside my door and added in a few colored Styrofoam eggs,

and fresh pussy willows from the market.

Monday everything was cleaned up and I needed some me time. I remembered the dye pot in the studio still filled with left over dye from my wool jacket. I put it on the wood stove and put in a mordanted silk scarf and some wool, left them to simmer over night. This is the beautiful color I got from the mixture of cochineal, madder root and Osage orange.

There are so many colors swirling through the fabrics.


Anonymous said...

Love the cupcakes, they sounded good! The scarf turned out will, cool how you could see swirls of many shades of color. Glad you had a good Easter, the weather is finally changing for the good. See you soon...Deb

Deb H said...

You always. Make everything so beautiful!

Peggy said...

Kathy, love your eggs, will have to remember your technique for next year! The cupcake centerpiece is wonderful, wish I could grab one. ;) Back to dyeing, yes, that sounds like a good idea and the scarf is gorgeous. xo

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