Tuesday, November 17, 2015

More Autumn prints

As I unpacked my car from quilt camp I noticed my Japanese maple was in full color. I took a minute to gathered up a handful of leaves, lay them on wool fabric, roll it up,  steam and let it set for 5 days.

I wasn't sure how much detail I would get as the leaves are so skinny, but it turned out pretty good.

A nice burgundy/brown color with gold highlights.

I finished stitching on the vines, berries and leaves to my wool piece.
I've been stitching up a storm but I am not able to show you at this time as the pieces are gifts for my friends for Christmas.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Quilt Camp 2015

Off I went last week to "Quilt Camp 2015". This was our 16th year of renting a home on a lake and spend the week quilting, eating and laughing.  This year we had 9 1/2 days (plus 1 hour due to daylight savings time) and every hour counts!

The house is so close to the water you feel like your on a boat.
There is nothing more inspiring than watching the water and sky.
And inspired we were. The following are just a few of the projects worked on.

Our first night (the night before Halloween), a couple of us made this vintage postcard quilt. The postcard was transferred to fabric and made into a little quilt.

This was a kit and I don't remember who designed it. I'll try to give credit to the designer whenever possible.

Halloween day I worked on machine quilting my "ultimate Halloween quilt".  One day a year I work on it so hopefully in the next couple of years it will be done.

At nights I worked on hand-stitching projects, my favorite being wool. This was a pattern called October Crow by Lake View Primitives.
I still have to embroidery in bittersweet vines and leaves.

This is from the pattern Silvery Moon.
I pieced different blacks for the background. The pumpkins, stars and moon are only basted, I still need to blanket stitch them on, add the curved lines in the pumpkins and quilt it. Until then it looking good on my table.

Every sunset and morning the swans and geese swam by.

My friend Deb made her daughter from China a memory quilt. Some of the fabrics she brought home with her. She will embellish it with Chinese coins, gem stones etc. that she bought while there. 

Kay made this Red Wings wall hanging for her grandson. The center was cut from a Red Wings t-shirt with a iron on stabilizer.

The weather was beautiful, a lot of times we have snow by now.
On the warm days I sat out here doing hand work,

as the fallen leaves floated by.

or walking with my friend through the colored leaves. I love this moss covered stairway to no where.

Another sunset to photograph, everyone is different.

This year we had a challenge. Everyone brought 3 yards of "winter" fabric. We sat around the table, I started by (the first fabric in the line up) cutting mine in half, keeping 1 1/2 yards for myself and passing the other 1 1/2 yards to the next person. She then cut it in half and passed half to the next person, it kept going that way with the last person getting about 3 inches. (There was 6 of us).
Then the next person did the same, so you always kept 1 1/2 yards of your fabric you brought and an assortment of everyone else's fabric.
We then had to make them into a quilt, with the option of adding other fabrics to it.
The following are the creations:

Deb C.
She pieced her blocks, framing the winter novelty fabrics, the gray snowball blocks will have the silver snowflake fabric appliqued inside. Then the top will be sewed together and quilted.

Eileen used her fabric to piece a tree with the assortment of fabrics used as background.

Mary made this cute tote bag cutting the fabrics into hexagons and appliqueing them on the background fabric. This is a commercial pattern.

Martha found her idea on Pinterest, piecing it into this cute wall hanging.

This is mine, the blocks are still pinned on my design board.
I wanted to make a sampler wall hanging with all of the things I love in winter.
I didn't use a pattern just pieced some of my favorites.
I'm still piecing blocks to fill in the empty white spots. Hopefully this will be done before winter is over!

Some of my favorite blocks are the red truck and snowman,

pieced trees and log cabin blocks.

Kay started to make one lap quilt, cut the fabric wrong and ended up with this design. It is even cuter in real life. She still has to add boarders.

Well there's a sample this years camp.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Dyeing "Autumn" Scarves

Last week we went to visit our friends on the Mississippi river, before I left home I picked a large bouquet of bright red maple leaves, grabbed my dye pot, dried flowers, eucalyptus, wool and off we went.

With pre mordanted wool we laid on leaves and flowers.

The more the better. We rolled them up tight and boiled them for a good hour.

Left the scarves in the pot overnight (and what a beautiful night it was).

The next morning the river was covered in fog.

It was time for the revealing,

Oh my gosh, they look just like "Autumn" puked up on them:)

A bright red gerbera daisy,


becomes a magenta flower print.
And red maple leaves become teal leaf prints.

The dried eucalyptus add lots of orange prints around the leaf prints.

We're set for Fall.

My friend gifted me with these beautiful dried gourds that she stained and shellac. They fit perfectly in my iron pot. Thank you Donna, I love them.

Home again, for my Herb Society I made these quilted table mats.

We were having a little sale to make money for the group and I donated two.

Of course this being the October meeting their were a lot of hats at the meeting. I love P J's. She put fresh and dried herbs and plants around the brim,

 a few critters were tucked in.

A few witches hats were also found on the snack table.
What a fun meeting we had.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Golden Rod Sun

Every year when the golden rod comes into bloom I think "I don't need to dye with any this year" but every year it seems another quilting idea pops in my mind and out I go picking and enjoying it again.
This year I thought I would use it for the next Sun block. For the center of the Sun I arranged it in a circle.

For the rays I laid it out in this fashion.

After steaming and washing the wool it's ready to be cut out.
This will be the center of the Sun.

Individual rays will be cut from each flower print.
And that will all be done as soon as I find time to dye some indigo wool for the background.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I'm back!!

After a long month of computer problems and an extremely busy summer hopefully I'm back. I  miss blogging, it makes me slow down, take more pictures and at the same time pushes me to put my dyeing/quilting ideas into action so I have something to share on by blog.
I did a little solar dyeing this summer trying for a rusty red. First though I rolled up some wool with coreopsis flowers, steamed the roll then I put them in a jar with madder root and more coreopsis. I left it in the sun a week

until I achieved the color I wanted..

After unrolling and washing the fabric I got the perfect print for my next Sun block.

The middle of the Sun is the flower print and the Sun's rays are from the middle of the fabric made by the string.

My next Sun block inspired by the Hopi Sun.

We spent Labor Day weekend with our good friends on the Mississippi.

Out we went early morning looking for wildlife.
We saw eagle, blue heron, sea gulls,  

and who would guess pelicans! I never realized pelicans lived on the river.

Along the way we found these wonderful treasures, old clam shells. They still are washing up from a hundred years ago when shell button factories were located on the river. They use to drill out buttons then throw the shells back into the river.

My summer planter at it's best. I'm ready to redo it for Fall.

To all of my moon watching friends, I was not able to see the Full, eclipse moon. Our skies which hadn't had a cloud in them for 10 days were thick with clouds. I caught a small glimpse of it but missed most of it. Hope you had better viewing.

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