Friday, September 19, 2014

Quilt Weekend - Herb Society Herbal Vinegars

Last weekend my girlfriends and I went "North" to Laura's cottage. We all needed to get away from the "real" world. This was perfect. But we weren't to far away from the real world we all worked on gifts for friends and family.  Laura making daughter-in-law to be a table runner.

Cathy making a baby quilt for a gift.

Joni quilting a table runner for a gift.

Jody making her new granddaughter a quilt with Minke Dot fabric for the back and silk binding for the edge. No baby can resist this combination.

(Don't look at this picture Deb C.)

I sat all weekend hand stitching my wool Santa blocks, I making them to exchange with my other girlfriend quilt bee at our Christmas party.
My girlfriends I was with liked the idea so much we're now making snowman blocks to exchange at our Christmas party. You make 6 of the same snowmen, keep one for yourself and give the other 5 away. You go home with 6 different snowmen (or Santa's). You can add more yourself or just use them to make a quilt. 

Our one friend couldn't make it so we all made her a paper-pieced Santa block. Cathy put the wall hanging together with paper-piece flying geese blocks. Miniatures are always so cute.


We also made these cute Origami mats (found on Pinterest). I made my mother-in-law two for Autumn beverage mats. Let me know if your interested and I'll post the directions. They take about 30 minutes to make.

Joni put batting in hers to make a Christmas mat for a warm pot. Too pretty to put a pot on.
Thank you Laura for the beautiful weekend.

This month at Herb Society we used our left over herbs from our gardens to make herbal vinegars.
Our speaker premade up gallon jugs the beginning of July filled with different herbs.

We brought in fresh herbs and our own bottles.

Her recipes written on the bottles.

Lots of good ideas.

You picked which one sounded good to you,

strained the vinegar into your own jar

already filled with a few fresh herbs.

My friend brought some wonderful jars from France to share. I hate to use this it's so pretty.
Thank you Marsha, Master gardener and herbalist.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Full Harvest Moon

The goldenrod is ready and calling me. I picked a lot, some for weaving and some for dyeing.

First I added a row of it to my weaving ( is it my weaving or Mother Natures, she seems to be weaving on it more than I am, the vines are weaving in and out, more everyday).

A row of goldenrod, then wool strip, a row of ornamental grass and another wool strip.

My thought was when I started this earth weaving that the dye plants would gradually dye the wool strip. Well, it finally happened with the cosmos flowers. After weaving them we had a hard rain storm. That did the trick the wool is now starting to absorb the cosmos dye.

Last night was the Full Harvest Super Moon, I could not miss taking pictures of it.

It was so beautiful.

The clouds just add to it's beauty and


I tried to stay awake to get a good photo of it over the loom, but I didn't make it long enough. The last photo at 10:00 shows it peaking through the tree.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Weaving with Mother Nature

Last week I went out to add a few rows to my weaving and imagine my surprise when I saw someone had been putting in their own rows.
See those bittersweet vines behind the loom well...

Mother Nature brought them forward and wove them in, all on her own,
no help from me.

How wonderful is that.
I added a row of cosmos and then wool.

Their coming from all sides.

This coming weekend (after grandsons football game) I'm going to dye with the last of the flowers in the garden. This time I'll be playing with adding in metal pieces when wrapping up the bundles.

Different combinations of flowers and eucalyptus.

After this I'll let the plants go to seed and collect them for planting next year.

The Hopi sunflowers are tall and so beautiful to look at.

I'll save the seeds and dye with them this winter.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Solar dyeing

My flowers just keep coming and coming, I'm trying to use them as fast as possible before the end of the season. Last week I layer them with a long length of wool fabric using cosmos, dyers chamomile and dyers coreopsis.


I filled a jar with boiling water and set it in the sun, checking the jar everyday for mold. After about a week it was ready.
It turned out wonderful, I love the different shades of color.

Cute little orange, yellow and burgundy prints.

My little neighbor girl with her flower scarf ready for winter.

Wednesday I spent the day at the American Quilters Society quilt show. Of course it is fabulous. My favorite part was this lecture on sashiko, traditional Japanese stitching. Carol Ziogas whose blog I follow was the speaker. I've been interested in sashiko for quite awhile and after listening to her I'm ready to get started.

I love this little quilt she made and is now quilting using the sashiko stitch. I thought it was made with vintage fabrics but they were all new.

This is a vintage piece that she stitching with the red thread.

New fabrics pieced and layer without batting in between.

I bought a couple of vintage pieces from the late 1800's/early 1900's indigo dyed from Japan.
I also bought the correct needles, thread and silk batting, ready to go, but oh no, I forgot to buy the correct thimble! Luckily she has a etsy shop where I can order one. But now I thinking I want to order more fabric and make a small quilt like hers.

If your interested check out her blog where she has tutorials on how to do the stitch correctly and link to her shop with lots of wonderful goodies from Japan. (which is on my bucket list to visit)

The show was filled with out of this world quilts. These are two I really liked.
The first titled Theatre

This had to be so much fun to make, like playing with paper dolls.

In each balcony is a different group of spectators.

Such wonderful details


All little stories of their own,


This next is a piece from Japan where she incorporates her own hand-woven fabric in the story.

The complete quilt,

but look closely, her woven fabric holds tree branches.

The fiery hot sun and trees.

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