Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Full Moon

This months full moon was called Beaver Moon - Falling Snow Moon. Beaver traps were set during the month of November before the waters froze, so furs and meat would be available for the cold months ahead, thus the name, Full Beaver Moon. Another interpretation suggests that the name comes from the fact that beavers are actively preparing for winter at this time.
Other tribes call this the Falling Snow Moon because this was the time of the first measurable snowfall in their regions.
"Magical Moons & Seasonal Circles" by Susan Betz

On this months moon block I embroidered in the beaver. The moon looks pink but it is actually bright white, I photographed it while I sewed it in bed last night without the flash. This is the only quilt I can honestly say all the blocks I sewed, were at night, in bed with the full moon outside my window!

While I was in my studio the other day my youngest grandson came in and started playing with my wool and created his own full moon with owl and tree with falling colored leaves. No drawing it out first,  just pick up the fabric and start cutting. (no sewing either just glue)!

He is so fascinated with the falling leaves outside.

My girlfriends and I went up North last weekend to our friends cottage. We've been friends and going there quilting for over 20 years. What a blessing these friends are.
With no time to waste I was up with the sunrise.

Wouldn't want to miss a minute of it.

Everyone worked on their own projects, Laura and I made Felted Pumpkin People designed by Jennifer Murphy (pattern found on Martha Stewart). We started with orange wool felt I dyed with Navajo Tea, black wool felt, vintage green velvet leaves and stuffed it with wood shavings (excelsior).

We hand-sewed them.

A couple of hours later and we each made two.

Too fun!

After lunch we went on a color tour/wine tasting.

I love this man.

He looked so real,

and  how about this cute girl.
Someone was very creative.

Lots of pumpkins waiting to be carved.

Pumpkin castles.

Grape vines in full color.

Overlooking the bay.

One of our wine tasting stops was at an old school house.

Chalk board still in use.

I hope this person learned their lesson.

And back to the cottage to our pumpkin wine glasses to sample spiced red wine.

Thanks Laura for the wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Myths & Magic of Plants

Last night I went to the most wonderful lecture on the Myths & Magic of Plants. Marsha Wilbrant was our speaker.  She is highly respected for all her knowledge of plants. Marsha spoke about the beliefs people had throughout history on what plants would protect and help you with. Some would be carried on the person, or planted outside the house or hung on the door.

I helped her set up and even with the two of us it took an hour and a half. She's done so much research. One the table she has over 100 different dried plants in containers and a description on how each was to help.

All in alphabetical order!

Mugwort: Protects books, in Medieval times they would add it to the ink.

Sassafras: Happy home and family. Ground up leaves put in your wallet and never be without money again.

Scented geranium: Protection

Ground celery seed: Anti nausea. Keeps you from falling off your broom!

She decorated the whole room even the candle sconses.

A healthy Jack O Lanturn.

Back home last week I played around with my Hopi Sunflowers seeds. I planted these last summer and they've been waiting.

Sprinkled a handfull on my wool, wrapped it tightly, steamed for an hour.

5 days later- a wonderful black print!

This is after washing with soap, I wasn't sure if the dye would stay but it didn't lighten a bit.
Remember these were black Hopi Sunflower seeds.

The red leaves are still calling me, this is a flowering Crab apple tree. I picked a few

and what a fun print they left, some dark green

and some yellow with dark green outlines.

Great variety.

I forgot to get a picture of the tree where these came off from but it was a dark Purple plum with red/black leaves.

Just a reminder Monday is the next full Moon, I'm busy working on my next quilt block.
But don't worry it will be perfect, I have Flax seed helping because as you can see Flax seed helps you with "moon wisdom".

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Leave Quilt Boarders

From my red maple leaves I got these wonderful tumbling leaf quilt boarders.

The detail is great,

all different shades of green, yellow and rusty red,

yards and yards of leaves!

My grandson picked me some red flowers I had planted around my mailbox with the idea to try them in the dye pot.

Great idea!! The red petals turned out bright blue.

with cute yellow centers.
(All my finished fabrics I show on my blog have been washed in my washer with gentle soap. I won't use them in my quilt until then).

I never take the highway to work I always take the side streets enjoying the view, well look at what wonderful view I had waiting for me today.

I sat watching them until they slowly wandered away.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dyeing with Autumn Leaves

The trees are at peak color here, I'm in awe of the color and anxious to dye with them. I want the boarders on my quilt to be printed with red maple leaves, so yesterday I ran around like crazy gathering them,

can't stand it their so beautiful and I end of picking way more then I'll ever use.

I rolled them up and steamed enough for my quilt. Now their sealed in zip lock bags, with heavy books sitting on top of them, next week I'll show you results.

Time to bring Autumn inside, ceramic pumpkins and vines on my piano,

and a wonderful new gourd, a gift from my girlfriend. Her son grows them, then Donna and her daughter-in law stain and add designs to them.

My herbs are ready for the winter snow, with pine straw placed around them I can usually pick them until Christmas.

Big pumpkins are set in my flower pots waiting to be carved into Jack O'Lanterns.

My girlfriend also sent me this beautiful pendent, she found the beach glass while kayaking, her DIL did the beautiful wire wrapping on it.

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