Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Myths & Magic of Plants

Last night I went to the most wonderful lecture on the Myths & Magic of Plants. Marsha Wilbrant was our speaker.  She is highly respected for all her knowledge of plants. Marsha spoke about the beliefs people had throughout history on what plants would protect and help you with. Some would be carried on the person, or planted outside the house or hung on the door.

I helped her set up and even with the two of us it took an hour and a half. She's done so much research. One the table she has over 100 different dried plants in containers and a description on how each was to help.

All in alphabetical order!

Mugwort: Protects books, in Medieval times they would add it to the ink.

Sassafras: Happy home and family. Ground up leaves put in your wallet and never be without money again.

Scented geranium: Protection

Ground celery seed: Anti nausea. Keeps you from falling off your broom!

She decorated the whole room even the candle sconses.

A healthy Jack O Lanturn.

Back home last week I played around with my Hopi Sunflowers seeds. I planted these last summer and they've been waiting.

Sprinkled a handfull on my wool, wrapped it tightly, steamed for an hour.

5 days later- a wonderful black print!

This is after washing with soap, I wasn't sure if the dye would stay but it didn't lighten a bit.
Remember these were black Hopi Sunflower seeds.

The red leaves are still calling me, this is a flowering Crab apple tree. I picked a few

and what a fun print they left, some dark green

and some yellow with dark green outlines.

Great variety.

I forgot to get a picture of the tree where these came off from but it was a dark Purple plum with red/black leaves.

Just a reminder Monday is the next full Moon, I'm busy working on my next quilt block.
But don't worry it will be perfect, I have Flax seed helping because as you can see Flax seed helps you with "moon wisdom".

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Melodie said...

The sunflower seeds left such a dimensional print! Looks almost 3-D, should be fun to use!

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