Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dyeing with Autumn Leaves

The trees are at peak color here, I'm in awe of the color and anxious to dye with them. I want the boarders on my quilt to be printed with red maple leaves, so yesterday I ran around like crazy gathering them,

can't stand it their so beautiful and I end of picking way more then I'll ever use.

I rolled them up and steamed enough for my quilt. Now their sealed in zip lock bags, with heavy books sitting on top of them, next week I'll show you results.

Time to bring Autumn inside, ceramic pumpkins and vines on my piano,

and a wonderful new gourd, a gift from my girlfriend. Her son grows them, then Donna and her daughter-in law stain and add designs to them.

My herbs are ready for the winter snow, with pine straw placed around them I can usually pick them until Christmas.

Big pumpkins are set in my flower pots waiting to be carved into Jack O'Lanterns.

My girlfriend also sent me this beautiful pendent, she found the beach glass while kayaking, her DIL did the beautiful wire wrapping on it.

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