Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Last night was my monthly quilt night with my girlfriends. We gathered at Cathy's house for dinner and lots of laughs. How pretty is her dinning room and what a contrast in quilts, the one on her wall she paper pieced and machine quilted.

And the one on the frame she is hand-quilting.

When our son was going to college in New York he would walk to school, along the way he found the greatest stuff in the garbage cans, one being this woven prayer rug. I don't know a lot about them but the center design on this one could be a tree of life.

And it might be dyed with natural dyes, indigo and madder root or cochineal. The fibers have a lot of wonderful shading like natural dyes.

We had a great loss this past week Miss Tigress was hit by a car and died.
Everyday when the boys came home from school she waited on the porch for them. Whenever they went out to play she followed them. We live on a very quiet road with lots of little boys all around the same age. Well, they were all out playing and when kitty tried running back home across the road a jeep driving way too fast hit her. She made it home and died on the porch as all the little boys watched her. It was soo sad, we all miss her. Even our neighbors cat who she played with everyday still comes over looking for her.

I hope you all have a Blessed Easter.


Peggy said...

Kathy, that's so sad -- I'm sorry for your family's loss. She's by the Rainbow Bridge now -- do you know that writing? Just google Rainbow Bridge if you don't.

Your friend's quilts look amazing. Happy Easter! xo

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Thank you Peggy, I've never heard of that poem. I'm going to look it up.

Deb H said...

Oh Kathy. That's so sad. I'm so sorry..

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