Wednesday, March 20, 2013

National Quitl Day/ Herb Society

Last Saturday (March 16) was National Quilt Day, I spent the day playing with my friends at Quilt Guild gathering. Some were working on charity quilts and some on their own projects. This is our head Leprechaun showing how to take 3 yards of 3 fabrics and cut them just so and end up with fabric to create 3 different baby quilts.

This is how they work up, a simple pattern but if you use fun fabrics they make cute baby quilts. Every year our members make 350 or more different style baby quilts that we donate to different charities in our area to hand out to their clients. They really love them.

Some of the girls worked on yo-yo quilts and some stitching on crazy quilt blocks.

Every other year our guild donates a hand-made crazy quilt to Tempting Table,. a charity that supports breast cancer research. Different members make a block for the quilt.

Another charity our guild is involved with is making washable menstrual pads for women in third world countries. Having this "kit" enables the girls to be able to go to school and not miss because of their period. Most women in these countries have no pads or way to take care of themselves during this time of the month.

The kits come with panties, pads, wash cloths all in a fabric bag. Everything is washable and will last for quite awhile.

Carla was working on a antique reproduction of a quilt she saw and photographed. It looks like it's at least a hundred years old!

Martha working on a lap quilt.
(Deb H. this is the Martha the nurse).

Kay working on pillows to match the quilt she made for her daughter.

One lady is making a series of light house blocks. There is a pattern for these and includes all the light houses around Michigan.

There are a lot of them.

How cute is this pin cushion?

And this wool one setting in an antique tart tin.

From National Quilt Day to Herb Society meeting last night (how I love my groups).
Rita was our speaker last night talking about herbs she uses in her Mexican dishes.

Lots of different peppers, spices like cumin and black pepper corns which she grinds up with her mortar & pestle, oregano, garlic and cilantro. Something I've not seen before was dried tomato paste in cubes. (in the red box).

She also cooked up a banquet for us using all those different herbs.

Frijoles Charros (cowboy beans) with pinto beans, bacon and lot of spices.

I love this, Catus Salad.
1 jar of cactus drained
1 package of queso fresco crumbles (Mexican cheese)
1 large tomato
1/2 bunch of cilantro
Mix all ingredients. Enjoy with tortilla chips or crackers. Can also be eaten with tortilla shell as tacos.

Rice with saffron, cumin, garlic, onion  and bell pepper.

Candy made with goats milk.

I love these little cloths Rita made, years ago she lived in Mexico and had a little grocery store. When the store wasn't busy she would embroider on dish cloths. This one has her married and maiden name embroidered on it.

She made a series of these, this one says Tuesday sewing!

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Deb H said...

Sweet embroiders! The cactus salad sounds interesting. I want to try it!

It's fun seeing Kay & almost seeing Martha! Tell the old gang hello from me. I miss you all!

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