Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day

"Together we can end the Holocaust against the environment."
-Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

We are all familiar with the Holocaust against the people. When this happens we feel bad and we vow never to let it happen again. We need to seriously examine what human beings are doing to the Earth and the environment. Many species are extinct and many more will become extinct during the next 10 years. We are methodically eliminating life that will never return again. Today, we should take time to pray real hard so we wake up before it is too late.

Yesterday I spent some time in my studio. I thought I'd show you how I store some of my natural dyed fabrics and yarns. I love to see the fabrics and my metal baskets show them off wonderfully.
(I do not keep them near a window or bright lights)

I also store them in hand-made baskets,

and in an old Vernors soda crate.

My yarn basket I bought in Indiana from an Amish man. It's a basket to collect eggs in.

 Saturday when we were at a yard sale at an old farm house I found this old egg basket (poking out of the dumpster). The farmer couldn't understand what was exciting about it!

The results from my dyeing with Hopi sunflower seeds, left to right. Seeds scattered in the wool, wrapped and steamed, wool simmered in a iron pot with the seeds, wool simmered in a stainless steel pot.

My silk scarf that was coiled around the metal spring. no great pattern was printed.

My friend just bought a new house and is cleaning out the garage and shed, he's bringing me all the  wonderful rusty metal pieces to use. It's going to be a fun summer (if it ever warms up).

I spent one evening last week layering and pinning my wool quilt. After sitting like this 5 hours I didn't think I'd ever walk again!

And I've begun quilting it, the quilting stitch brings all the plants to life.


Anonymous said...

Happy Earth Day Birthday!
Love the display of yarn and fabric

Deb H said...

Happy birthday Earth Day girlfriend. I was thinking about you all day today, while I was working my fanny off at work!

I can't believe you still pin on the floor like tha! It kills my hips just thinking about it

Your card is still her, sorry, but will be a little late as usual hope you had. Great day love & hugs. I miss you my friend.

What scores on the rust & basket !

Anonymous said...

HAPPY B-EARTH-DAY!!! HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT DAY WITH FAMILY AND SWEET MEMORIES!! Your egg baskets are great and I love the quilting on your wool dyed quilt, should be done in no time...Deb C

Peggy said...

Kathy, is your birthday the 22nd? So is my son's! If so, Happy Birthday to you. A good day to be born. Loved seeing your storage baskets, the colors are grand. The Hopi sunflower dyeing is amazing, I've never tried that, but it's going on the list. ;) Your quilt is magnificent, I've said it before -- stitching it must be pure pleasure. Like the needle is going through butter. Thanks for making my tea break so nice. xo

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