Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dyeing Results

  I placed the two jars full of wool and dye out in the sun to process for a week. I watched them carefully looking for mold. Last evening it was time to open them for the reveal.

 And of course Miss Tigress was right on my heels checking out everything. Sometimes it's hard to take a picture without her in it.

 First jar had dried eucalyptus leaves (from last year) in it. Disappointed I only got a yellow.

 When I steamed the wool with fresh eucalyptus I get wonderful rusty orange prints.
I need to try simmering the wool with fresh eucalyptus.

 The jar with the cochineal, madder root and Osage orange bark turned the wool into a wonderful piece of cloth, perfect to cut up for applique or use for piecing a quilt.

I tightly wrapped up the coreopsis flowers in a silk scarf and a antique linen napkin. Steamed them for an hour and let set for a few days.

 My napkin turned out so cute.

 This is the collection of my natural dyed antique linen napkins. Most done last summer.

 The silk scarf really grabbed the color beautifully.

 This is my coreopsis collection, wool on the left, middle linen, with the silk scarf on the right.

 The red amaranth produced green and peach "paisley" swirls.

Waiting to be quilted.

I'll see you tomorrow with the August Full Moon block, and at again the end of the month as this year August has two full moons the second being called a Blue Moon.

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Deb H said...

Wow, beautiful results.

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