Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Full Moon

 The Eastern Native Americans had 3 different names for the August moon, I choose to make the "green corn" moon. The green corn moon signaled that the first ears of corn would soon be ready to harvest. There were ceremonies and celebrations when the first corn ripened. No corn was eaten until the Great Spirit had been properly thanked. During the ceremony they gave thanks for the corn, rain, sun and a bountiful harvest. Corn was an integral part of their daily lives and identities.

Sturgeon Moon was another name for the August moon, they are a large family of freshwater fish that were once found in abundance along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. This fish has been around for thousands of years. This time of year the fish would have been found in abundance in the Northeastern regions.
Sturgeon were an important food source to the Native Americans.

Some Native Americans called the moon Full Red Moon, the moon tends to have a red-orange hue as it is rising and setting which is caused by light passing through a higher concentration of dust particles in the earth's low atmosphere.

Magical Moon & Seasonal Circles by Susan Betz

"So we are connected to the moon. That gives us power, a connection to the Earth and the moon men don't know about."
Cecilia Mitchell, MOHAWK

The Elders tell us that the Woman has access to special powers. The Earth Mother gives her love in a special way to the Women. The Moon also gives special power to the Woman. She uses these power to nurture, heal and guide the people.
     Great Spirit, today, give a special Blessing to our Women.

I made the corn from wool that I naturally dyed. It's hand-quilted with Sliver thread which gives wonderful little "stars" swirling around the moon. This block will someday be added to my Earth Journal Quilt.


Nanette said...

Love your Corn Moon, the stories both in words and stitch, and the Cecilia Mitchell quote..all full moon blessings.

Peggy said...

Kathy, I love the texture in your corn stitching. So wonderful, all of this...

Nancy said...

Your corn moon and information was wonderful to come upon. I came over from Peggy's. May this corn moon find our land healing with rain and sun.

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