Thursday, August 2, 2012

Green Corn Moon

 Last night for supper we had corn to celebrate the full moon.

When it started to get dark off we went to photograph (in their pj's) the corn moon. We drove out in the country until we found a perfect spot. 

 As it became darker the moon over the barn and corn field was beautiful.


Nancy said...

Love your moon pictures. The last one looks like fabric :)
I love that the children went out in their PJ's. That's memory building stuff! Looked at your profile...isn't R. Carlos Nakai the best???!!!
I've been breezing through some of your old posts and enjoying it very much :)

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

I love Carlos Nakai (Native American flute player), whenever I feel stressed his music instantly calms me down.

Deb H said...

Your moon is lovely! The boys look so cute out there in the field. You make life such a wonderful adventure for them.

We had fresh corn twice this week. It tasted soooooo good!

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