Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dyeing with Correopsis

 My row of correopsis just keeps blooming and blooming. Every evening when it cools off I pick the flowers. I've been drying most of them for this winter when I have more time (hopefully). Last week though I put a couple handfuls in the dye pot, simmered it an hour then put premordanted wool in to simmer and soak overnight. They say to take the wool out after simmering, add a little ammonia, put the wool back in and the fabric will turn a little more coral. I did that with half the fabric but really couldn't see much difference.

There was so much dye left in the pot I threw in another strip of wool. It's a pretty light peachy-pink. These little flowers have so much dye in them.

My horse-tail dye on the other hand wasn't as great. I got a nice tan, good for a background color.

 It's been so hot and humid around here, you really don't feel like doing any more that you have to. I've been sitting in my studio at night working on my wool quilt. I thought I'd have the top done by now and be quilting it but you know how that goes, I'm still putting rows together.

 I've been blanket stitching the blocks/rows together with wool floss. I love, love working on this quilt. From collecting the dye stuff, dyeing the wool, to the hand work.

After I press, this is how the finished seam looks.


Anonymous said...

VERY PRETTY!!! The quilt is turning out great!! Deb C

Deb H said...

Wow Kathy, it's really turning out beautiful! I can't imagine holding wool in my hands on a hot day though!

Peggy said...

Your wool quilt is wonderful -- the leaf images are amazing. I'll have to go back in time to see your process!

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