Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Herbal Salt

 My little herb garden was a over-grown mess

 waiting to be harvested. Although I use a little each day when I cook dinner there was a lot extra needing to be used.

 I picked, rinsed and dryed the herbs preparing them to make herbal salt.

In the salt for chicken/turkey dishes I used thyme, chives, parsley and sage.

The salt for all the other dishes I used thyme, chives, parsley, Greek oregano, rosemary and a little Thai basil.

I filled two bowls with sea salt and my helpers began cutting the herbs into small pieces.
 With a little nibbling along the way. We mixed them in well.

 This is Thai basil, it is a beautiful herb with a purple flower. It has a little bite to it, I hope it was a good ideal to put it in the salt.

 Stripping the thyme leaves off the woody stem. Be careful not to put in stems.

 We filled jars with the salt and now will let it set for a month or so until the herbs impart their flavor into the salt (shaking it once in awhile). You can then strain the herbs out of the salt, but they crumble down so much it's not necessary, I  just fill a salt shaker with it. This is a nice gift for the cooks in your life, maybe put into a vintage glass salt shakers. This salt is heavenly sprinkled on roasted beef, chicken, pork or vegetables. A little goes a long way.
(I love my Foster canning jar, thank-you Pam)!

My friend Windi stopped by and showed me her little salt carrying case with samples of her salt collection. We had a fun "salt" tasting with the grand kids.

Next I think we need to make some herbal sugar for butter/sugar cookies.

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It would make a lovely Cristmas gift! Hint- hint ;-)

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