Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July's Full Moon

 Tonight's full moon has been referred to by the Eastern Native Americans as Thunder moon, Buck moon and Bee moon. Thunder moon because in July when it steamy hot and rain moves in we have powerful thunder storms. The Thunderbird was powerful spirit in the form of a bird. Lightning flashed from his beak and the beating of his wings caused the thunder. This motif has been used for centuries in Native American artwork.
When I was telling my grandson's about this moon one of the 7 year olds said to me "we know the truth Grandma, the lightning is from angels turning the light switches off and on and the thunder is from angels bowling". How beautiful!
I embroidered on the Thunderbird motif and tonight will finish quilting it with "Sliver" thread by Sulky, which gives the piece the effect of twinkling stars in the background.
Buck moon because the white-tail deer bucks begin to re-grow their antlers.
Bee moon because July is peak time of activity for insects.
"Magical Moons and Seasonal Circles" by Susan Betz

 My wool strip from my "heavenly" dye bath. This was a much brighter yellow, I left it in quite long and it got a little dull.
It didn't get any of the green from the dye.

 My husband and I went boating on the river last Saturday, along the way I saw these large Horse Tail plants.

 I picked a bunch for the dye pot. I chopped them up, filled the pot up with water and have it sitting in the hot sun. It's so hot here thought I'd do little solar dyeing

 The water lily's were in full bloom along the river.

 At quilt guild last night Ann Carris was our speaker showing us her beautiful quilts. The professional teacher she took the class from told her these were the worst color fabrics she seen for this quilt! I personally love this quilt.

This was another of my favorites.

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