Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Urban Science walk

Last weekend a group of floral designers put on a public walk through one of the designers woods as a fund raiser for one of our public schools science programs. Designers from Mi. and other states each designed an area of the walk with natural elements. After dark they lit many candles along the walk ways. This is just a few of the areas.

This was a gazebo as you walked in, I loved the grape vine roof. Inside they had glass bowls with candles hanging. We hope to build our own next summer in our back yard.
This is one of the first stops, a hand made stone leaf with willow basket arrangement.

Another arrangement. A pond (mirror).
I believe this was suppose to represent of gardening bench.

These trees and mushrooms were one of my favorites, the tops of the mushrooms were covered with lambs ear leaves and trees with maple leaves.

This was beautiful with the candles glowing in the dark. Crushed recycled glass made up the water in this pond, note the blue herons in the background.
This was a neat idea , red willow branches tied together at each end with a fish bowl holding a candle in the middle. I'm going to make some next summer for around our patio.

This was tall grasses and branches made to look like a huge wave coming on shore.
This angel was made by some of the girl students from the school.

This sculpture had tons of granite stacked up with grape vine curlycues coming out. An old wagon with swans (bodies made of white birch).
This group of designers is called Urban Science and they have a web site with slides from their last year show called urbanscience.org If your interested look for the slide show under I believe tickets.


Melodie said...

This is totally cool!! Where do you find these things?? My favorite is the simple tree with the 'arms' holding the candles (they look like lanterns.) Is it still going on?

Deb H said...

It reminds me of our Botanical Gardens here. They havwe an outdoor show in June.

I loved the pictures. What great creative ideas.

I tried to call you thismorning, but you weren't home. :~(

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