Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Quilting in Shipse

My quilt guild had a bus trip for us to Shipshewana, Indiana. A large Amish and Mennonite population live there. In the little town there are 2 large quilt stores and lots of other little shops. I love the this picture with the Amish buggy's and modern vehicles together in the parking lot. After a day spent shopping in town the bus took us to a Amish farm where the family put on a large home style dinner for us. All home made and wonderful. After the dinner a local Mennonite women who owns a antique shop in town showed us her collection of antique quilts and told us the history of the area and the quilts.
This is one of her oldest dating from the 1880's, wool.

Wool with dress scraps from the early 1900's. I believe she called it a Spider web star.
Wool, Dated 1940. Sunshine and Shadow pattern. The small blue triangle in the center was a piece of the brides dress. She said most of these older qults are made with dress scraps. Cotton, 1970's when the Amish first started making "wall hangings" for the tourists. They really didn't understand it at first. Becky, who owns the collection is holding the quilt.

Crib quilt, basket pattern, I don't remember the year.
This is a Amish quilt, most people do not associate white fabric with them. This one is from World War 1. The Amish are conscientious objectors to war and participate in other ways such as medical. This is an Amish friendship quilt from the 1960's.
Cotton, hole in the barn door pattern.

This is the light source, gas lanterns.


Deb H said...

I loved Shipse when Warren & I camped there for 3 days. All the antique shops were fun. Wish I could've gone on the bus with you. I love the old quilts. Hole in the Barn Door/Churn Dash is my favorite block. Do you know that I made 3 Churn Dash quilts before I swore off piecing? I have an antique pink & white top that I want to quilt some day.

Melodie said...

Now that's a trip I would have enjoyed! Lovely quilts!

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