Thursday, September 18, 2008

Natural dyes from around the world

I spent the summer dying with native Mi. plants, before Deb came I sent to Dharma for natural dyes from around the world. We had great success with them. Here's Deb beginning not long after she arrived at my house. This moss I bought quite a few years ago from S. Dakota (it was dried), it made a bright yellow which I over dyed at the end with indigo.
This is alkanet bark, it dyed a purple gray.

Deb and I the last day at the stove.

This is a sampling of our all our colors. From left to right, cochineal, alkanet, madder root, annatto, cutch, osage orange.
cutch, osage orange, moss overdyed with indigo, all other yellows overdyed with indigo, the last one was one of my boring golds manipulated, and overdyed with cochineal. My favorite fabrics are my boring gold ones from summer manipulated and overdyed.
We manipulated (tied) these different ways and overdyed them. They make great applique fabric.
My final picture, I can't wait to cut into them. (Deb, your fabric will be in the mail next week)


Deb H said...

Ooooo, they turned out so pretty! Thanks!

Melodie said...

OOooo! You did get some beautiful colors!! You guys are both overachievers!! (That's not an insult.....overachievers do great things!!) I don't have the energy to be an overachiever!

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