Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Deb's visit

I had been so busy during Debs visit and then, when I got back to work I had to catch up here, so this is the first chance I had to post some pictures. I took a lot of pictures of Debs classes and lecture but most of them were with her camera. Here's a few from mine. This is Deb helping Mary at the first class "Thread Play". It was a great class, I think everyone learned a lot. Some students were asking her to come back next year, that works for me!

This is one of her pieces I loved, She made a crazy quilt clock for her quilt studio. There is so much detail the picture does it no justice. The clock's face is the spider web (she left the hands home). There are two pictures on there of her grandchildren situated behind old glass lens.I love this little piece, its the owl from Harry Potter. The owl is needle felted and hand embroidered. Its so realistic.

This piece is all her thread work. It's beautiful.
When Deb lived in Michigan she went with my husband and I to the astronomy club one evening to see the comet Hykatake. As we were leaving I turned around and said "wouldn't that silhouette make a great quilt". She agreed and went home and that night made this quilt! I was suppose to inherit it when she died, but instead she gave it to me during her quilt lecture at our guild meeting. I couldn't believe it, I love it.
Deb, designs and makes beautiful reversible purses. Before she went home she left this one as a gift for my niece. This is one side with her beautiful machine quilting designs and some beading.
This is the other side. I know my niece will love it.
She brought so many other wonderful pieces, I wish I had more pictures. In between her classes we played in my dye studio and came up with some great fabric pieces. I will post them on Thursday.

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Deb H said...

Why all the pictures of my junk!? Where are the wools we dyed?

It was such a fun few days. It went way too fast. Any time, I'd be happy to do it again!

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