Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dye Studio

My dye studio/summer room is finished and I love it! Well, there's a few things left to do, next year. This is a view from one end looking out our back yard. To the right is my stove, table and work area. The little door walks into my dinning room. My antique stove, I use to do a lot of canning on it, before I learned how to quilt.
The antique table was my grandparents, my dad says his moms, my mom says hers! I repainted it.
Above my new door I put up my fabric print blocks. Two are from hand-carved from Africa, two are antique hand-made from copper and two are antique hand-carved wood. My little sitting area with my antique wool wheel.
I love the open rafters with my new fan, I don't know if you can see the fan pulls I made,I used two bone fish, two turquoise disks from China and glass beads.
This wall hanging I made 13 or so years ago. I wanted it to look like leaves floating down the river in fall, the boarders and some of the leaves are the first fabrics I dyed with natural dyes. Their cotton. This is the cutest caterpillar, it has a red head, then four white tuffs of hair down his back and then what looks like a tail!
Signs of Fall are coming fast here, I picked this leaf up in our yard and placed it on this stone leaf my mom made.
Thursday my good friend Deb from Alaska will be staying with me for a week, in between her teaching classes and a lecture for our guild we will be in the studio playing with natural dyes. I ordered quite a few that come from around the world. I want to do some manipulation and over dying with the wool fabric. I'll post them next Thurs. after she leaves.

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Deb H said...

Your studio was such a nice place. So peacful with the flute music, & the nature surrounding us. I loved the time we spent there, & John's cleansing ceremony. It is all such a special memory now! THanks so much!

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