Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dying with calendula

I haven't been posting anything due to the fact the only thing we've been doing is painting my dye studio, I'm up to 11 plus gallons of paint! I'm sick of painting. We're almost finished, my husband is running the gas line to my stove then I will touch up the paint and call it quits for this year. Next week I'll post some pictures of the room. I did take a little time to try dying with my calendula blossoms. This is a picture of them in my planter along with nasturtiums.
I didn't have many but I thought I'd give it a try. The seed package said you'd get orange, the dye books said pale yellow. I got gold. Not too exciting.

My planter on my back porch is so beautiful now. Last weekend we did go camping in southern Mi. at Gun lake. They have a wonderful natural inlet next to the campground where you can dock your boat. Every year my husband's mothers' side has a camping family reunion. My husband's cousin brought her pontoon boat for everyone to enjoy, this is where I spent my day hand quilting and evening sunset cruising.

My sister-in-law Joan and I. This is life! The weeds under the water were beautiful. Some of them were corkscrew shape.

I woke up early Sunday morning and took a walk with my camera, the mist off the water was magical.
The ducks would wander the campground getting food hand outs.
This view was so pretty with the fishermen.
Ok, I guess I did do something besides painting but on the whole every free minute is spent working in the studio. See you next week.

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Deb H said...

Yes you will see me next week!

The camping looks wonderful. I think I'll be camping with my sisters around Hart some where. I'm looking forward to it! & to playing in the dye studio with yoU!

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