Friday, August 15, 2008

Crazy Quilt

Several years ago at our quilt guild meeting one of our members donated some antique crazy quilt blocks to be raffled off and donated the money to the guilds treasury. I bought a ticket and my good friend Deb bought lots of tickets as she really wanted those blocks. I won a group of them as did another member and the last number called was Debs. Knowing how much she wanted the blocks we gave her ours so she could make a big quilt. Well, a few months later Deb presented me with a quilt made from some of the blocks. I was so shocked, I loved it. Some of the blocks are very fragile so I don't use it any more but I keep it displayed. I tried to photograph the quilt laided over a chair with some of Debs' embroidered pictures showing . She embroidered some of my favorite things, the log cabin with trees and the turtle. The verse is beautiful. I believe the rabbit was already on the quilt (am I right Deb?). She also embroidered a lot of the crazy patches. It is very cosy with the soft wool boarders and back. This is a close up of the verse. If you want to see the quilts "sister" go on Debs blog: You'll love her blog.

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Deb H said...

Yes the rabbit was already on there. I have one piece of green fabric that is in shreads on mine. One of these days I'll applique another piece of fabric over it.

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