Friday, November 9, 2007

Tempting Tables

Tempting Tables is a volunteer organization that showcases exquisite, elaborate and creative Tablescapes. It also spotlights very unique collections. It is open to the public and every cent of the admission goes to breast cancer research, even the volunteers pay to get in. This year there is 32 tablescapes and 21 special collections. I loved the tables and have a few pictures to inspire you for your holiday tables!
This tablescape was called Reflections of Autumn.
If only my Thanksgiving table looked like this.
This table was called "The Cats Meow" and the volunteer who did this table donated it to Tempting Tables . You could purchase raffle tickets to win this table.
This was a cute table called "Sweet and Spicy Divas". The two lady's made the table cloth, chair covers, everything, even a painted floor mat under the table.
This table was done as a deer hunters table, the silverware handles and legs of the table were covered with birch bark. I don't know if I've ever saw a hunters table look like this in Michigan.
This table is called "Blue Autumn" and was different look for an autumn table. The dishes were a beautiful pottery.
I thought this table cloth was cleaver, they sewed ribbon loops along the bottom under the fringe. I have a few more Christmas tables I'll show you next week.


Deb H said...

I reminds me of the Christmas trees at the Freuenthal.

Melodie said...

The tables are fabulous! Where does this take place? I need to get out more!

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