Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Our daughter-in-law Alka with her almost completed wallhanging. Alka is a engineer and works for Catapiller out of Puerto Rico. She had never really done any needle work growing up. Since she has been dating and married our son I have been teaching her some quilting and knitting (when shes home she starts the project then takes it with her to finish). She loves it. This bird is a pattern from "African Folklore Embroidery" (as seen in Fons and Porter magazine). The embroidery is designed in Africa by the Ndebele women and part of the profits go back to them. You can make the panel into a quilt, tote bag, jacket back etc. Alka made it into a wallhanging for her sister for Christmas. Every year I teach an after school quilting class and this past winter I taught this. There are a lot of different animals to choose from. The kids loved them. We made them into pillows. Alka also started a wool pumpkin penny rug, she saw the picture of Joni's and designed her own.
Every year I grow bittersweet and in the fall I pick it and wrap it around my kitchen window. I love it and it lasts a good year before the berries start to fade in color.

This crazy quilt was made by our quilt guild members to donate to "Tempting Tables". One member pieced all the blocks and then passed them out to different members to embellish. The quilt was raffeled and the proceeds went to breast cancer research. (Tempting Tables is held at Maranatha on Lake Harbor Rd. every other year).
Well, our family has all left, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving for two weeks, lots of laughing and eating . This is Grandpa taking the grandkids and our daughter on a "hay ride" in our back yard, into the woods. The kids love it. Now, maybe I can get some quilting done! Friday, I go all day quilting with my friends, so hopefully I'll get some inspritional photos.


Melodie said...

Who won the quilt?? My girls and I went to the quilt show and we bought tickets!!

Deb H said...

I love the picture of John & the kids on the tractor. What a homey fall photo.

The crazy quilt is beautiful.

I love your bittersweet branch around the window. Does it grow like a bush? I'm not sure I've ever seen it growing, just wreaths & flower arrangements.

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