Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Neddle Felting

My friend Deb from Alaska, sent me a wonderful needle felting kit and wool roving for my birthday this past April. This past weekend I decided to try it out, it was very easy and fun and could be very addicting. (Deb does fabulous things with needle felting, check out her blog site: Akquilter1.blogspot.com). I used a piece of my indigo dyed wool and played around with a lizard design. In the new wool quilt I've started I'm doing our family homes and I want to embelish the blocks with needle felting.
This is a piece I did a couple of years ago for our bee challenge. The challenge was to use the boarder and lattice fabrics, which none of us liked but that was the challenge. I made the attic windows block and in the windows I used my hand dyed/printed fabric that made when I was in Alaska at Deb's house. We had spent the afternoon dying fabric and the plastic table cloth had dye spilled all over it when we finished, so we went outside and picked some leaves and rubbed them in the dye and printed our cloth. When I made the quilt I didn't want to cut up the fabric to much so this block seemed perfect. I machine quilted the leaf designs in and hand- embroidered a spider web and added my new spider from Sarah in New Mexico. (You can see the details better by double clicking on the picture)

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Deb H said...

You are sooo far ahead of me! I take my leaf fabric out & refold it every now & then, but haven't done a thing with it yet. I love how your quilting brings out the leaves. The challenge fabric goes well with the colors, & your spider looks too real!

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