Thursday, November 15, 2007

Quilt bee show & tell

The past 3 years, two weeks before Thanksgiving my husband flys down to Florida and drives back our daughter and grandchildren, then her husband flys up for Thanksgiving and drives them all back. One evening, while they are here I have my girlfriends over for supper and "show & tell". (Our daughters were in dance and gymnastics together for years, starting when they were 5 yrs. old). I taught all of them and their mothers to quilt. Now our daughters are grown with children and us mothers still meet and quilt about once a month (we've been meeting around 20 years). This is some of our "show & tell". The 1st. picture is our daughter with my last year Christmas present from her. It was such a surprize. For some reason the little grandchildren started calling me "Sunshine", (it so cute, I hope it lasts) so my daughter made me a Sunshine wallhanging. I was shocked she had time as the twins were 2 and the baby 6 months and her husband works long hours. I think the 9 year old helped out a lot. She had never paper pieced before and ended up calling my girlfriends for help. On Christmas eve she went to "bed" early. I later found out she was still hand quilting it. (she learned to quilt before machine quilting was an accepted like now).
My friend Laura made this fish backpack for her granddaughter for Christmas. It is so cute. This is my grandson modeling it. He loved it and immediatly put in his toy cars.
Another picture, this is a pattern but I'm not sure of the name.

Another friend Joni made this pumpkin penny rug with natural dyed wool I gave her. I believe it was a pattern in last falls issue of American patchwork and quilting.
Cathy made this sock monkey quilt for her granddaughter for Christmas. I'm not sure of the pattern name.
She also made these two jackets, one for herself and one for her granddaughter.
This is my oldest grandson curled up reading with a bear paw quilt I made several years ago after we came back from canoeing the "Boundry Waters" between Minnesota and Canada and "ran into" a bear.

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Deb H said...

Melissa is soooo beautiful! Her little sunshine quilt is cute, & it's amazing she found the time to make it.

You should've made Joni hold her quilt, I'd love to see her smiling face!

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