Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Arrangements

Last week I had a WHOLE day to myself! How wonderful that was. I drove to the lake and ate lunch watching the birds and waves. The snow fences are up and ready.

A storm was coming in and the waves were high.

After lunch I went to P.J.'s art studio, a group of us from Herb Society gathered and shared greens,

pine cones, moss, red dogwood twigs, vines.

dried flowers and paint to create our own table center pieces for Christmas.

We all worked hard and had a wonderful time,

planning for this to become an annual event.

Here are a few of our creations, PJ's in an old aluminum tea pot with popcorn accents.

Another made in a favorite basket.

One in a Christmas mug.

Beverly's with candles, silk roses and Christmas bulbs.

We also made door swags.

My arrangement at home with cinnamon sticks, ting, and rose hips. I'm going to finish it with  candy canes and maybe some popcorn, (cute for the kids at Christmas).

My swag on the front door.

I also began this arrangement with drift wood from Lake Michigan, I'd like to create a wintery scene (still in progress).


Peggy said...

This is exactly the kind of thing I hope to be making tomorrow so thank you for all your photos! Your door swag is grand! Are you a member of The Herb Society of America or another herb group? -- cuz I belong to HSA. Have a great week, Kathy. xo

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

HI Peggy, I belong to our local Herb Society and I belong to our State Herb Society. Love, love the Herb Societies!

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