Friday, November 30, 2012

Falling-Snow Moon

This months moon was know by the North Eastern Native Americans as Falling-Snow Moon, Cold Moon and Long-Nights Moon.
Full Cold Moon announced the arrival of winter, the coldest season of the year between autumn and spring, marked by the shortest days and the longest nights.
Full Long-Nights Moon describes the sky in December when the moon appears earlier and rides lower across the evening horizon and the stars put on the brightest show of the year.
The name Full Falling-Snow Moon signaled that it was the time to begin observing the ways of snow and ice.
During the winter months, Native Americans would split up into extended family groups, dispersing to campsites in more sheltered locations. After the women and children were settled in their winter lodges, the men and boys would head out to their winter hunting grounds.
For evening fun and entertainment, young women seated around the fire would make birch bark pictures. Using their eye teeth they would bite figures on the soft inner layers of the inner bark of the paper birch. Their designs were patterned after local flowers, leaves animals or landmarks. some pictures were kept as mementos, but most were used as bead work patterns for clothing and headbands.
Magical Moons &Seasonal Circles by Susan Betz

And here in Michigan winter arrived right on time with the Full-Snow Moon. It didn't last long but long enough for me to take a few pictures with my moon block.
This block is setting in front of a little critters home in our old cherry tree.

Thanksgiving weekend I started a quilt project, I traced one of each of the grandkids feet on wool fabric,

and each of their hands on another color of wool,

and when you lay them together on another piece of wool fabric you get a wonderful moose or Chris moose/reindeer wallhanging. I have enough of this tan wool to make a great wool blanket with white wool snow flakes swirling around. I'm not sure yet what this will become I just new the kids feet were getting bigger and bigger and needed to be traced!


Anonymous said...

Love the moose feet/hands!! So very cute and clever!! I am sure it will be a great keepsake for sure! Merry Christmas to all! A cute wallhanging that says Merry Christmas would be cute, could fit above the couch or piano? Just a thought...Deb C

Peggy said...

Kathy, your moon cloth is so perfect for the moon name and meaning! And I love the wall hanging with the hands and feet, I may have to copy that for my three, maybe with paper though because it would probably never get finished otherwise...;) And I love the long-cloth snowman piece, too. Wow, you've been busy. xoxo

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