Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Quilting Retreat

A perfect week with friends, nothing to do but quilt from early morning into the wee hours of night. We arrived at the cottage, removed all the furniture from the middle of the room, set up our tables and machines. With a beautiful view of the creek running by everyone sewed their little hearts out.
The following pictures show just a small portioin of the quilts that were pieced during the week.

Speaking of early morning Deb snapped my picture as I was ironing and doing my hair at the same time. I am a big multi-tasker!

Kay's daughter came a couple of days to work on Christmas stockings for her family. We love to see young people quilt!

Here she is "punch needling" a snowman picture for the cuff of the stocking.

She finished piecing all four stockings, soon all the cuffs will be finished and sewed on.

Deb taking a break after finish piecing her son's wedding quilt.

Her future daughter-in-law picked out the fabrics. It turned out beautiful with plenty of time left for Deb to quilt it.

She also made them a tree skirt for a shower present with matching Christmas stockings to come.

(OK, this was suppose to be before the tree skirt picture), Close up detail of the corner and fabric of the wedding quilt.

Two different pieced patterns using the same batik fabrics. Love the quilts, one made for a gift.

Martha made this cute Christmas reindeer lap quilt for her granddaughters. One of the reindeer's will have red nose, "Where's Waldo" style.

Deb made this cute snowman before she came (sorry I don't know the pattern name). We all loved it and quilt a few were pieced by the time we went home, now waiting to be quilted.

Everyday Deb and I would take a walk to Lake Michigan. We passed by this wonderful old barn on our way.

What refreshing walks they were after quilting for hours. 

The lake is always beautiful,

And among the dunes was bittersweet! We each picked some to take home.

When I got home I made mine into a wreath to hang over the piano.

This will last quite awhile.

I finished piecing my quilt for this years quilt bee challenge. Mine is queen size made for my daughter.

In front of our cottage, built into the hill is this old field stone storage shed with a wonderful green wooden door calling out to be photographed. 

I spent many hours working on my "families navy" quilt. After the retreat I photographed it in front of the US SILVERSIDES, a submarine from World War II. We have a Navel museum on Lake Michigan. I took many pictures of it trying to fit the whole sub/quilt into the picture but this was the best I could do.

This was a labor of love using their uniforms, patches and pictures. As soon as I finish the boarder and quilt it I will give it to my father, then someday it will be passed on to my brother then onto his daughter.

As long as were talking Navy quilts a few years ago my friend Jamie made this quilt for her father. What a lovely tribute to remember our Service men and women.

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Oh, can we go back again this week? I had so much fun!! and was sooooo productive!!! I finally got everything put away, now to start quilting,...Kathy, your challenge quilt turned out great!!! And it looks perfect at the fieldstone house! Such good times, thanks one and all!! Deb

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