Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Deer Hunting Widow

Here in the North this past week was the  annual "deer hunting week". My husband goes with his friend, he doesn't usually get a deer but loves the hours of hiking through the cedar swamps. For me it's the annual "bring my quilting to work week" as I spend the whole day at work, not just my normal  few hours. This year I brought in two pieced snowmen from quilt camp. My daughter's done with batiks and pieced by Deb C. (thank you Deb!) and mine a little more folksy with moons and stars swirling in the background. I brought in wool for the hats and noses. I blanket-stitched them on then layered them with batting and hand-quilted.

One almost finished just waiting for his scarf, boy I get a lot done at work, love this week!!!

Back home showing the whole snowman, I just have to trim the edges and bind him. He kind-of looks like a fence post!

Another "deer hunting tradition" I've bee doing for years and years is one evening during the week I meet with my other quilt friends, we have supper together and this year pieced Christmas table runners made from  boarder fabrics. Simple, simple, sew two long boarder strips together, cut some 60 degree angles and their ready for quilting. (It's really a little more challenging than that but Laura the mathematician of the group figured it out for us). This is Laura's runner for her Christmas table.

A few of us used this boarder print, up close it has wonderful woodland animals and trees.

See the pieced angle bottom.

There is some cut off waste, from the waste I pieced together a mat for my daughter.

A couple friends each made a candy stripe runner. This isn't laying very flat on the couch.

And to end my deer hunter's widows week there was a beautiful crescent moon shinning through the trees into my window.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am very thankful for all of you.

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