Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I didn't quite know how to honor the victims of the shooting tragedy, should I skip my Christmas blog this week or just do a short one, I wasn't sure. I decided just to hug my family a little more and appreciate everyone a little more and to pass on acts on kindness a little more. And that's what I'm doing.
The following are a few pictures from my Christmas parties with my girlfriends. This party was at Mary's, only at a quilters party would there be rolls of batting as wrapping paper under the tree.

Only on a quilters tree would the ribbon have machine embroidered words added on.

Mary also covered and made all the ornaments with machine embroidered doilies, angels etc.

Of course she also made a spectacular tree skirt.

We each showed our challenge quilts for the year, everyone used the same pattern but in different layouts. (the colors in the pictures are not looking a pretty as they are). Judy's,

Deb C.,

mine, the yellow has wonderful brown polka dots on it.


Kay's, my favorite with new batiks and a wonderful old piece of hand printed Indonesian fabric.


This was one of the gifts I received. The package had a hand-quilted "card" on the front with a (repro) vintage tinsel bow. My elf from the 50's looks so cute sitting next to it. His collar at one time was  bright turquoise. His outfit is wool.

And inside Deb C. bought me a hand-carved wooden stamp to use for batiking. I can't wait to use it with some indigo dyed fabric.

I was at my other quilt girlfriends Christmas party last night and although I brought my camera I completely forgot to take pictures! That is not like me but it was busy and fun. I did photograph a few of the handmade gifts this morning. Jamie made me this wonderful scissor keeper with fabric she bought while in Japan this year. The flap and back are heavily embroidered using her new machine.
(it's not your eyes this picture is out of focus)

Cathy made each of us a mug cover. It has loads and loads of little pockets to put your pens, pencils, rulers etc in. Mine will be on my desk in my quilt room.

Jodi, made us each a reusable snack bag. It fold up like an envelope with your snack inside and velcro closures,

Then opens to rinse out.

My grandson got one of the lead rolls in his schools Christmas Play. Here he is on stag with Mrs. Santa.

We wish you a Wonderful, Wonderful Holiday Season!!

We have a huge storm coming this way and hopefully I'll be snowed in at home Friday and won't be able to get to work. (I photographed this entrance on the way into a textile exhibit at our local art museum)

Friday also marks Winter Solstice the Native American's watched "nature timekeepers" the sun, moon and starts to track the passage of time o a daily, monthly and yearly basis. Winter solstice occurs on the shortest day of the year and marks the beginning of winter; the silent hermetic period in the year's cycle as the eatrth rests before awakening and growing anew.
The word solstice means standing-still-sun, a time of stillness before the sun's strength builds and the days grow longer.
Cultures the world over have long recognized and celebrated winter solstice as a turning point in the cycle of the seasons. It is a time to appreciate the return of light and the time to begin looking forward to the coming of spring. For American Indians, time was circular rather than linear, a continual cycle of life, birth, death and rebirth. The circle has neither beginning nor end and it symbolizes the sun, the moon, and the calendar year. As part of the universal circle, the tribe encircles the family and at the circle's center stands the individual who also passes through the circle of life, changing with each season.
Magical Moons &Seasonal Circles  by Susan Betz

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Such a good time!! After looking at your pictures, I am enjoying it all over again! Thanks for posting, I enjoy and look forward every week to what you write. Have a very Merry
Christmas with your full house of special people!! And the very best New Year full of all good things...Love you Kathy!! Deb C

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