Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wolf Moon

Today I feel like the news media, for the next couple of weeks it's all about looking back at the news stories from the past year. Mine will only be this blog though, today I'll share with you this past years moon block. The Full moon is tomorrow and with the second full moon in August it kind of messed up my year of moons that's why I'm showing the January block. (if that doesn't make any sense I understand). For my new moon watching friends this was last years January moon, the Wolf Moon, I embroidered him and added crystal beads for his cold breath.

American Indians admired and respected the gray wolf for its cunning intelligence, cooperative spirit and well-ordered lifestyle. When midwinter temperatures dipped below freezing, heavy snow blanketed the ground and the moon shone bright in the frosty sky above, their hungry howls could be heard as they lingered about the outskirts of American Indian villages. Hence, the name Full Wolf Moon. 
Magical Moon & Seasonal Circles
Susan Betz

I quickly pinned up all my Earth/Moon blocks on my designed wall this morning, their all hand-appliqued and quilted someday to be joined together with pieced filler strips in between.
But my journal is not done, there are star constellations and celestrail happenings I want to add and of course a few more summer solsice suns need to be recorded. I love this little quilt and have enjoyed working on each little block.

It all started April 2010 with my center Earth block, my daughter marbleized the fabric years ago, we  always thought it looked like "twilight". One day I embroidered on our four grandsons, then appliqued it to some hand-batiked fabric I bought in the Bahamas. The Native Americans believe the Earth is on the back of a turtle shell. The fabric was perfect with it's batiked turtles and dark blue water. I started with the first full moon in May also called Pink Moon, so named because of the pink Spring blossoming trees. Our old, old apple tree was blooming at the same time and received its own block. For the next year I recorded a few more moons and celestrial happenings. The quilt reads from that first Pink Moon block down and then around and around to the Full Wolf Moon block that starts the 2012 year of moons.
With all this in mind and our grandsons new telescope were off for another year of sky gazing and I'll be sharing our adventures with you though fabric, my favorite way to journal.

Just a quick few pictures of my Christmas table with my new quilted table runner and my Christmas arrangement with candy canes.

This is before all the food was placed on the table.

My birch bark dessert tray with snowy coconut trees and peppermint brownies.

The night before my daughter decorated the kitchen light with wire edge ribbon and gold wire stars.

And the dining room lights with sheer ribbon and glittery silver snowflakes and white ceramic snowflakes hanging through the ribbon.

Have a wonderful New Year holiday and take a minute to look at the Full Moon tomorrow night. I'll see you next "Year"!


Peggy said...

Kathy, the quilt blocks all together are wonderful. I know what you mean about the year's moons and the blue moon and oh, it's all so confusing. But here we are now. I love that birch bark dessert tray! Happy New Year to you! xoxo

Nancy said...

Came here via Peggy. Love the moons all together...looks great!

Marie said...

What lovely moon blocks!
Lovely Christmas table too!
Happy New Year!

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