Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Quilt Guild Challenge

 This August AQS (American Quilt Society) will be having a show in Grand Rapids, Mi.  Local quilt guilds are invited to submit quilts to represent their guild. Our guild accepted the challenge, the following are a few of my favorites. (I didn't participate). This first one shows the two challenge fabrics required, the rusty red and the Asian print. The name of the Challenge was Patchers at the Lakeshore.
This quilt was made by Judith Cantu.

 The title for this quilt is Patchers Past and Present by Barbara Hassenrik. What a great design idea.

 Bathing suit from the present,

 and bathing suits from the past.

 Paggy Iverson designed and made this beautiful quilt.

 Up close you can see a scene from a day at our lakeshore complete with a flag flying the Pals logo.

 Designed, painted and quilted by Aimee Maas.

 Nancy Boxer used the print fabric to applique on a beautiful vase and flowers.

 Sue Baker show cased our light house and the sailing ships.

 Close up of the light house with pieced quilts on a fence. Cute little metal gate hinges.

 One member brought this cute quilt for Show and Tell,

with lots of wonderful details. This is a comercial pattern.
 With a resent wind a huge branch broke off from our (choke) cherry tree.

 I gathered up some bark and twigs,

 put them in a pot with water and simmered them on the stove for a hour, it smelled wonderful like cherry tea.

They say to let bark soak for a week or so but I put in a little piece of wool in overnight, it came out with a wonderful orange, gold color. In a couple of days I'll put in a large piece of wool.


Deb H said...

Only you would take a wind-fall branch & turn it into a dyepot full of color! I wish I could be there to play with you again!!!!

The quilts are great. AQS in GR, ....
hmmmm, sounds like a good excuse to visit. If only I didn't have to work!!!

Barb Hassenrik said...

What a nice surprise to see my quilt on your web page! I Googled myself out of curiosity and up came Woodland Quilter. Your dye idea is a great one! I will give it a try.

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