Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cherry Bark

 My wool fabric in the cherry bark dye turned out great. The piece on the left was premordanted and the one on the right had no mordant, it dyed a much more rosy color. Bark has so much tannin in it you really don't have to premordant it for great light fastness.

I like to bundle my fabric to get lots of shading in the color, but I wish I wouldn't have bundled it up quite so tight and let a little more dye get through.
 For all my herb society friends, at last weeks meeting we had a salad potluck.

 We had a wonderful variety (Deb I brought your pear salad, everyone loved it).

After eating we cleaned up the gardens and planted flowers at our meeting house.

I hope you have a great holiday weekend, my husband and I are going camping "up north". I can't wait, I have my dye pots and fabric packed waiting for treasurers from our hikes.


Anonymous said...

ENJOY your weekend away. Rest lots, enjoy the great weather and have the best time. Safe travels my friend....Deb C

Anonymous said...

Love the cherry bark color, have a great weekend! LP

Deb H said...

I've been thinking about you all day. Warren told me you called. I worked on your new pin today. Funny that you & Vicki both have pins from me & both won the snow classic!

We are just turning green here & I've been thinking about trying some prints with different leaves. I sure miss playing with you.

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