Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hats from around the world

Whenever I travel I look for traditional textiles and fabric from that country. They're my very favorite souvenirs to buy. My niece is in the Navy and patrolling the waters in the Middle East. When they land in different ports she picks me up textiles. I just received this hat that she bought in Bahrain. It's worn by men and is called ghafiyah, it goes underneath the head scarf, you can't see it when the head dress is worn. Even though it is not seen it is beautifully embroidered. I believe this is a boys due to its small size.

Even the top of the hat is embroidered.

While I was photographing the hat last night, I thought I'd show you some of my other hats. I really didn't start out to collect men's hats but it just sort of happened. This hat is from Nigeria, Africa. My daughters in-laws sent it to my husband with a traditional outfit. They also sent me a beautiful women's traditional outfit.

When my husband and I were in England the friends we were staying with son gave me one of his police helmets. What a fun treasure, I have it sitting on some of the Liberty of London fabric I bought while we were there.

When I was in Peru I bought this traditional hand-knit men's hat. This is the type they wear in the Andes Mountains. It's setting on a traditional woven blanket I bought there.

Women's aren't as exciting, I bought this "hat" while in Kenya, the women wrap it in beautiful ways around their head or they use it to carry their babies on their backs. They also use it like a back pack caring sticks for their fire, etc.


Deb H said...

What a lovely trip around the world! I'll have to be on the look out for something Alaskan!

Melodie said...

I looked for something in Grand Cayman but everything seems to be made in India! Tourism is about the only industry there!

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