Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hand-made paper

The topic of this months meeting at Herb Society was learning how to make paper. Our meeting was held at one of our members art studio. She had a 6 large pans of the slurry (chopped up paper and water) mixed up and ready to go. We each we're able to make some. I made 4, planning to put them together for a gardening journal with some white drawing paper in between.

Their was a lot of different dried herbs to add in. I love how even though the flowers were dried their color still dyed the paper. The newspaper will be taken off when the paper is dried and set.

This slurry had a hint of purple in it. I added dried purple flowers and dried green scented geranuim leaves.

This slurry had a hint of green.

And my last piece I sprinkled a lot of dried rose petals, it is Herb of the Year.

I'd forgotten to take my camera to the meeting, the owner P.J. let me come back the next day to take pictures and let my grandchildren each make their own piece.
This is the procedure, first you slide your screen under the slurry, (while little brother puts his hands in playing)

Then you shake it back and forth to get out all the water out you can.

While little brother sprinkles herbs on his piece.

Flip the screen over on newspaper and use a rolling pin to squish the excess water off.
Other brother is gently pressing newspaper to soak up more water from his.

Sprinkling on herbs.

Lots to choose from.

Their finished paper which will become the covers of their summer drawing books.

Have you been sky watching, with our warm weather we've been sitting out at night taking in the evening sky show. In the southwestern sky Jupiter and Venus have been visible. Venus orbits the sun far more swiftly than Jupiter, now it is catching up and passing Jupiter.

As we move into early Spring Jupiter will sink in the sky, becoming lost in the glare of the sun.

Meanwhile, Mars begins it's biannual visit to our sky. Mars is the reddish object rising over the tree tops almost due east as darkness falls. It will remain very prominent for the next couple of months, migrating more southeast during April, by May it will be rapidly fading.

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Deb H said...

I remember making paper with you many moons ago. It was so much fun!

Loved seeing the kids enjoy the process.Aren't grandchildren GRAND!

I've been noticing Jupiter & Venus too, but it's starting to get pretty light here now, so we won't be seeing planets & stars much longer.

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