Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rose Herb Conference

I wanted to share a few pictures from this years Herb Conference, even though we had a easy winter it still was cloudy, and cold. This conference comes at a great time of year, when everyone is ready for Spring.
There are many educational displays set up around the conference, all with the rose theme this year.

The following are a few.

A new vendor had the most wonderful herbal topiarys.

On the outside of her pots moss was growing.

I also loved the plants growing in the hollow tree stumps.

And little plants growing in the hand-made pots.

One of the lectures was on eating "black" vegetables. The darker the color vege. the healthier it is.
Eat dark!
My beautiful salad at our banquet. Roses were used a lot of different ways in our meals. How fun.

And crushed organic roses used in a chicken dish.

There were plant auctions, I love this herb garden chair.

A lot of creative people attend the conference, every year this group of women make new wool accessories. This year was wool felted roses.

The Dr. who spoke went on and on about how great this additive is for our gardens. It's to help enrich the soil. You can buy it at our local garden centers. This brand also has a lot of organic products.

A few of the plants I bought, a rosemary wreath and a shamrock plant (oxalis) in bloom for St. Patrick's Day.

A beautiful rosemary topiary. Love the moss growing on the pot. Looks like an old antique pot from France.

Back home it was sunny but still cold. My little sunshine with the ice from the birdbath.

The boys played outside all day Sat. and built a "fort" on our back yard property, complete with tables and chairs for their lunch.

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