Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bee Challenge

Every year we have a new quilt challenge in one of my bees, this year it's a different kind of challenge. This challenge you must use fabric from your stash adding up to two new purchased fabrics. My daughter wanted a summer quilt so I decided to use this fabric with the (right side) brown & green purchased for boarders. The outside green fabric kind of changes the look of it a little, not so Moda "sweet". A pattern was picked for everyone to use.

The pattern came from this issue of Quiltmaker.

This is how the block will look,

With 6 different ways to place the light & dark fabrics and rotate the block, you can end up with 6 totally different looking quilts.
One of the layouts.

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

Number 5

And number 6.
I have my design picked out and half the quilt cut out, hopefully to have it pieced by the time Spring comes.
OK, Deb C. how is yours coming?

Speaking of my quilt bee's, at my other quilt bee we finally were able to have our Christmas party last week. A month late but still great. Cathy made us all aprons with fabrics to match our style.

Joni always gets us new slippers,

And this year on her cruise, while on Grand Cayman Island she had a bracelet made for each of us by a native women.

Jamie's husband made us each a ruler stand. How nice was that!

Jody made us each a pair of pot holders, we all needed them. It seems like you always make cute things as gifts and never keep yourself a set.

Cathy shared with us how to make this cute "pin". I believe this was a commercial pattern but I don't know the name. She took a 2 1/2" x 12" strip of fabric, cut it with pinking sheers, folded it leaving about 1/4" edge. Stitched the folded edge and gathered the fabric around a bobbin or (sew on a button). I think this would be nice made out of wool with an antique bobbin to wear on sweaters or winter coats.

Cathy also brought some of her new journal quilts to show. She loves going on cruises to the islands and just finished this wallhanging with all her memories sewed in.

Cathy also suffers terribly with migrains and has been going to Mayo the last 2 years trying to get some relief from them. This wall hanging is her at Mayo with all her migrain symbols sewed in.

I love how she did her hair and facial expression during migrain.


Anonymous said...

OK Kathy-are you nagging me about my quilt? Just because I am not fond of the pattern....I actually have my fabric picked out, just need to put it on the card and turn it in! I will not lag behind, as everyone expects, haha. I have been busy with my patient this week, and chopping logs for my log cabin, but will be ready to turn it in next week. I will surprise all of you I am sure, even myself! :) I do like your color choices. Thanks for being concerned! haha Deb C

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Deb, I don't like the pattern either, plus I hate to piece but I will perservere with the project.
I hope Marve is feeling better.
I hope your log cabin (quilt) is growning and I'm sure looking beautiful!

Deb H said...

This is one time I am glad I am no longer in your group! Not that I don't still love & miss you all! I just could not stand sewing that pattern. I think I would just do it in solids & make just one giant block whith 2 or3 borders. It would look Amish!

Deb H said...
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