Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Making Herbal Dream Pillows

Last summer while at the Herb Conference I bought this book by Jim Long on how to make herbal pillows. The book is very well written and goes into the history of herbal pillows along with different recipes for the pillows ( such as restful, romantic, lack of nightmares, creative, good memories etc).
This past weekend I made these pillows with my grand kids and daughter. A perfect project for a cold winter day.

We choose the herbs for restful sleep with no nightmares. The herbs we used were:
Lavender-aids restfulness, soothes, reduces stress, eases headaches.
Rose- loving thoughts and warmth.
Rosemary- deep sleep, keeps away bad dreams.
Thyme-restful sleep, lack of nightmares.
Mullein- guards against nightmares.
Some added a pinch of Mugwort to help remember their dreams.

The boys picked out their fabric, I washed it in a detergent with no scent. Cut them approx. 5"x12". These are little pillows that tuck into/with your big bed pillow.
It's also nice to use vintage handkerchiefs, (a great women's gift).

You sew up two sides. Leave the top open for stuffing.

The boys each sewed their own.

Their getting pretty good on my machine.

We discussed each herb and it's benefits then took turns adding them to the bowl, about a 1/2 cup of each.

Everyone broke up the dried Mullein that we harvested last summer.

Aren't kids little hands precious?
After mixing it we added 1/2 cup to each bag, folded the top down and sewed them shut.
The next morning everyone confirmed they had a very good nights sleep with no bad dreams.

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Deb H said...

What a wonderful grandma you are!

They look so cute sewing!

Mugwort sounds like something out of Harry Potter!

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