Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Snow Moon

The full moon last night is known by some Native American tribes as the "snow" moon and others around here as the "hunger" moon, I'm sure by this time of year food supplies were getting low and rationing had begun.
I choose to stitch the "snow" moon. And being as it was cloudy here last night I added some snowy clouds floating over it.
When I woke up at 1:00 a.m. the moon was shinning in the window but I didn't have the energy or want to go outside and take a picture of it. I just enjoyed it from under my quilts.

At quilt guild meeting Kathy Preston showed a quilt she just finished for her niece. They had a going away pool party for her and at the party Kathy painted each foot with fabric paints and printed them on fabric squares and had the person sign their name. She stitched around them and embellished them with ribbon and buttons to represent flip-flops.
I love this idea and am sure I'll use it someday.

A couple close-ups.


Back to my challenge quilt. This is a picture of one of my blocks

and here is how four of them will fit together. I have the 12 made for the quilt. The warm buttery yellow is nice on the eyes this time of year.

Now to start on the other 12 that tuck in and around them.


Anonymous said...

very nice Kathy!! I may not dislike this as much as I first thought. I have been busy chopping logs for the log cabin, but that is on the list next. Those pictures are encouraging to me. Thanks again! Enjoy the sunshine...Deb

Deb H said...

Your colors are yummy. I love them.

The foot prints quilts reminds me of our class with An Johnston. I take that piece I printed like that out & look at it every now & then. One of these days I'll get around to quilting it up. I'm going to try & do some of my UFOs this year, since I'm back to full time, & won't be quilting for other people so much.

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