Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

It seems like every weekend we have a new craft project that somehow doesn't leave me alot of time for quilting, but nothing is better than making crafts with my grandchildren.
We had to make Valentines for the Great-grandparents and special people in their lives, so off to the dollar store we went, they had a wonderful selection of sparkly heart stickers, paper doilies, foam heart stickers and of course candy hearts.

The boys worked very hard.

What beautiful cards they made to send.

My favorite. Happy Valentines Day.

My daughter wanted to make a tote bag for her girlfriend's birthday. Her friend loves animal prints, she picked out this bright fun print. We "team" made this bag, I cut and ironed the fabric and she sewed. (things get done fast this way).

Her girlfriend also loves football, especially the Jacksonville Jaguars, this is the reverse side of the bag.

Of course we never sew alone, little brother came down wearing my slippers and his "pirate" scarf and played with scrap fabric

creating his own fabric pictures.

A house in a snow storm with a tree and lawn

And a black house with door,window and front porch.

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Deb H said...

Aww, they are so darn cute!

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