Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Loony Tune quilt

I just, just finished making and giving my grandsons their Christmas quilts and said "I'm not making them any more quilts until they get married"! Well, my daughter and I we're looking in her cedar chest for something and we found a quilt top she made when she was 14. To make a long story short the youngest grandson loves the Loony Tune cartoons, especially Tom and Jerry. We thought we should finish this quilt and he can have it but there wasn't any Tom and Jerry fabrics in it. I went on e-bay and found a collection of vintage, never used Tom & Jerry fabric. I believe they may been fabric samples, all the edges are cut with pinking sheers.

We were planning to cut it into boarders for the top but there is so much we decided to even up the blocks and piece it together (make one more block), add boarders and use it for the back of the quilt, make it a reversible quilt.

We went to the fabric store to look for some fabric for the boarders and with all the retro fabric so popular now we found some that matched perfectly! The green and blue dot fabric in the middle is the new fabric surrounded by the vintage fabric.

Vintage fabric.

Another close up, I love this piece, could they be from the 50's or 60's?

My grandson is going to help sew his quilt so I told him he needed to draw his pattern. He ran in his room and quickly designed the layout. Perfect.

I guess we're ready to begin!
I just realized the fabric for this quilt will be from the 60's, 1994 and 2011. Try to date this one 100 years from now (if it makes it).

Last night was my quilt guild Christmas party, every year for the leaving Chairman the board makes her a thank-you quilt and presents it to her at the Christmas party. This is this years quilt. This year was our 20th anniversary, during the past year the guild had every member sign a piece of fabric and pieced it into a quilt. One member won that quilt last night. This quilt was based upon that quilt with the board members signing and writing message in the squares and a wonderful appliqued flower vine in the corners.


Anonymous said...

great pictures. Hope to see you soon.

Tonya Lee said...

where did you find the tom and jerry fabric. i have been hunting for tom and jerry fabric for a year now. my plans are to make a set of pj's and a quilt for my brother's birthday. please, please where did you get the fabric from?

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