Tuesday, December 27, 2011

When the mailman delivers a package from Alaska you know it's going to be wonderful! It starts with my favorite wrapping paper, white wool ready for dyeing.

Inside the package was a beautiful, full of texture and color silk scarf, hand dyed/shiborri by Deb H. Topped off with a vintage pin who used to belong to Aunt Ethel.

Perfect for Christmas Eve!

Another package held ornaments from Deb's husband Warren. The center of the ornaments held copies of his original art work he drew and painted many years ago. He was a artist who worked for I believe Hallmark.

His original paintings hang in their home. I was tickled to get these.

Thank-you Warren.

This last two weeks have been sooo busy when I wasn't at work I felt like I was either in the kitchen, laundry room or emergency room. I really needed some me time hand-sewing on my wool quilt. So last evening I lit a fire in my studio, turned on my favorite CD, and curled up on the couch ready to stitch. When what to my wondering eyes should appear... the twins, with their own wool projects that their hand-stitching! After I got them going it turned out to be a nice peaceful evening.

They design and cut out all of their own story characters. The beginning of his turtle in a pond.
Then comes little brother wanting to know when we're starting on his Tom & Jerry quilt!

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Deb H said...

I'm glad you liked the package. The stuff you sent was spectacular! I loved all the goodies. Just beautiful!

So cute that the boys like to hand quilt/appliqué.

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