Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My favorite type of quilts!

My girlfriend Sandy passed away from breast cancer in 1993, her daughter Vicky was 13. Vicky had learned to quilt with her mom when she was 5. Vicky has now grown into a beautiful women, graduated from college and I believe has 2 master degrees. She has a great job and now is buying her own home. She's done all of this on her own. Well now she has some free time and has begun finishing up her moms quilts. This first one were friendship Christmas blocks made and exchanged between Vicky, my daughter, her mom and me when the girls were around 7 years old. They were never put together, I was so impressed how well Vicky pieced this quilt, (with the little girls piecing blocks every block was a different size). The only instruction Vicky received was talking to me over the phone. She still has two boarders to put on and quilt it.

Her mothers very first quilt she made was also unfinished, it was pieced but needed to be quilted. Vicky took it apart and divided up the blocks, bought new lattice and boarder fabric and proceeded to make two lap quilts for her two brothers for Christmas. How wonderful is that? This is one of them. (I had separate pictures of the two but accidentally deleted one of them).

This is the two together, they just need to be quilted. What a family treasure.

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