Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pink Moon

I appliqued my "pink" moon Thursday night, watching the moon as the clouds rolled over. I thought I'd better add a few clouds floating over mine, some tulle with silver beads gave it a light, wispy feel. This other block is the beginnning of my apple tree, it will be embellished with silk ribbon leaves and blossoms. Thinking about the name "pink moon" I realized all my flowering trees and spring flowers were in full bloom, take a little tour with me of my blossom filled yard.

Our poor old apple tree is around 60 year old, I don't know how it's still standing the inside is almost hollow.

It's a good thing the outer edge is alive.

Bleeding heart (there is another species of this plant also). This is a wondeful perennial that blooms early in the spring and continues to bloom into the summer, also self seeding its self around the yard.

My lilacs are blooming a week early this year. This bush is around 60 years old too. I have several vases full in my house and it smells wonderful.

The dogwood are so light and airy, I planted this one when my girlfriend died of breast cancer, she and I both love dogwood.

I planted this red bud a few years ago and it's finally in full bloom. When we would drive to Florida every spring, these were one of the first blooming trees in the mountains of Tennessee. After the drab winter they're wonderful to see.

And I have a pink dogwood.

My rhododendrons are a small shrub type.

This flowering crab is on my neighbors property that boarders ours, so I enjoy it likes its mine.

And speaking of pink this is the new flannel fabrics I bought to make my nephew a quilt for his baby, due the end of the month. My husband was surprized to see monkeys on the fabric, he wondered where the teddy bears or ducks were. I thought they were fun and cute!

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