Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This beautiful, vibrant quilt was made by Jill Gallagher, all of the "flowers" were made from recycled coffee bags she buys in Guatemala. Jill is a nurse who goes to Guatemala to her Church's mission and volunteers her nursing skills to help the people. A sample of the bag is in the bottom left hand corner. The flowers are 3 dimensional and represent the different missions they have there.
Please double click on the picture to see the beautiful fabrics and workmanship.

There was a lot of dye left in the pots after my demo for the herb society, I dyed some wool in it to use it up. The fabric on the right was dyed from my daffodils. Next to that is chamomile flowers, then the next two were onion skins. I put the fabric in dry so there would be a mottled look, bundling the last piece for even more mottled results.

The pansies I planted last fall are beautiful this spring. These orange and black one are called "trick or treat" pansies.

I found this fellow sunning himself in our grass, it's a boxer turtle, I believe their on the protected spieces list.

And one more fellow out sunning himself in our brush pile was this garter snake.

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Deb H said...

The reptiles are probably wondering where Matt is!

I love the wools, especially the bundled one.

Jill's quilt is wonderful. My coffe doesn't come in nice bags like that!

There is a package on the way to you!

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