Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Twilling, wool house

My girlfriend Beverly bought this premarked piece at a antique store, premarked for embroidery. She did the embroidery in Twilling stitches. A type of knot but not a french knot. Close up of the end of the table runner. Her stitches are perfect.

And one side. She has the binding sewn on but has not finished sewing it to the back.

I've been working steadily on my "family tree" wool quilt, this block has been the hardest to do. This was my father-in -laws childhood home (one of them). I've never seen the house and it was hard to design, my fathers was young when he lived there and it was hard for him to describe. Yellow house with white brick halfway up the front of the house. The front door area was indented in. With tall shrubs on each side. It looks a little plain yet, I'm trying to decide what to add to the yard, he doesn't remember any trees. It's also been hard finding all the family dates but I keep adding them slowly but surely, the dark writing I've embroidered, the lighter is ink that I still have to embroidery, and the blank spaces are still waiting for dates. I have learned so much with making this "family tree" quilt. So many family stories that never would have been shared, no one thought was important. When I put the quilt together the lattice strips will have all the "fun" stories with applique and embroidery.

My girlfriend and her husband came to visit us from Illinois last week. She brought me this beautiful necklace, it's made from dry corn cobs. It's very, very light weight.


Melodie said...

I've done some twilling but I don't remember it looking like that! It is lovely!
So is the necklace! What a wonderful design comes up!
Your family tree quilt is a labor of love.....sounds like you've learned allot already. That'll be a keepsake for sure!

Deb H said...

Beverly's twilling is amazing.

I love the wool house block. That is going to be a wonderful quilt.

The corn cob necklace looks almost like snake skin!

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