Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wishing on a star

This little piece was so much fun to embroider, it's my grandsons making a wish on the first star. One thing I did so I didn't have to use a hoop was before I started I sprayed basted the back and put batting on. I finished all the detail on the earth, now I will put the backing on and quilt the rest of it. I will quilt each block as I go, I'm not quite sure how I will attach the next blocks maybe embroidery stitches with beads.

Close up of my guys.

Inspiration for my block, drawn by my 5 yr. old grandson.
My daughters womderful about sending pictures the boys draw. For my birthday she sent a envelope of full of "cards". This is a family picture, I asked my grandson is this grandma on the other side of the tree, he said "no, it's his friend Stephan", I said "what happened to grandma", he said "next picture".

My friend Kay gave me these wonderful hand dyed bamboo socks for my birthday. They were beautifully dyed and very soft. The maker is

Just had to share one more picture with you (same artist), he loves dinosaurs, I don't think I've ever saw a cuter one.

Tonight I will start on the next block on my earth quilt, there's a full moon tonight and they call it the "pink"moon due to all the flowering trees and shrubs. We have a very old gnarly apple tree in our yard full of blossoms, I don't know how it still is standing because most of the inside is hollow. I think that will also be a block.

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Deb H said...

Oh, the embroidery turned out so cute! I love the Artwork! It wa fun talking to you. I miss you!

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