Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I spent a wonderful day yesterday in a class with Letitia Hutching. She's the designer and creator of the pattern line Mount Redoubt Designs. Wonderful 3 dimensional quilt designs. The local quilt guild brought her here for workshops and a lecture. She's from Alaska. The class yesterday was learning new techniques for 3-d flowers, and other fun fabric techniques.

This is Latitia and her 11 year old daughter Olivia. Olivia was a wonderful helper to all of us and a great quilter and someday I'm sure will be designing and teaching her own.

This was the little project we were making with the 3-d flowers, fabric weaving, applying crystals etc.

Olivia showing one of her mothers table runners with wonderful large 3-d flowers.

She does a lot of layering of the petals with a little seam sewed on the back to add dimension.

A few crystals in the center.

One of her Christmas table runners with white poinsettias.

A few more of her quilts, her colors and designs are beautiful.

Weaving along the side.

Her white poinsettia table runner.

Her winter cardinals in the birch tree wall hanging. One of a series.

Another one.

And a wonderful barn with a witch.

And one of my favorites a woven(?) pumpkin with a critter sleeping under a quilt.

A beautiful Indian maiden with crystal corn.

This is just a small sample of her quilts and of course pictures don't do them justice, you can't see the sparkle from the thread to the crystals. If you guild or group is looking for a very good teacher/speaker I highly recommend her.


iNdi@ said...

gosh looks rather complicated
although beautiful
suspect my fumbling fingers could never cope

Deb H said...

I should tel the ALCQ, they are always looking forways to save money, & usuing Letita would propbably do i since she from our neck of he woods. I didn't even ralze she taught. I tought sh just dd patterns!

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