Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My quilt bee began a "row by row" quilt exchange last fall (see the beginning pictures on my last Oct. blog). There are six of us in the group, and we've been passing the tops around every 2 months after adding a row of blocks and lattice. This is Cathy's quilt, she pieced the first row, black and white with a little bit of tropical color. When she gets it back in July it will have 6 rows of six blocks and lattice.

I started piecing my blocks for it yesterday finishing four. For the color I fussy cut some batik fabrics I bought when I was in the Bahamas. On one of the Bahama islands, Andros, they hand batik their own fabric and sells it only in the Bahamas. Its like hunting for treasure, looking for it while vacationing there. I displayed a few of the fabrics along side of the blocks.

I'm at work uploading my blog pictures when one of our customers comes in and brings us this beautiful group of Easter Lilys, suddenly the whole office smells like "spring". What a wonderful gift.

I hope you have a Blessed Easter.

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Deb H said...

Cathy'squilt is looking great.

We will be by the ocean, in Washington for Easter. I am looking forward to the peaceful retreat!

I will try to take the time to post before I go, & will definately post while there. I am taking the computerwith me this trip!

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