Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Textile exhibit

I went to a wonderful textile exhibit this past week. It was held in Grand Rapids, Mi. at the Inner City Christian Federation building, Michigan's oldest non-profit affordable housing provider. The textiles were displayed along the walls of the 3 floors, beautifully matted and framed. This is as a private collection from a collector in California, around 100 pieces from around the world, vintage traditional pieces to very contemporary pieces. This is a few of them, please double click on the pictures to see the workmanship up close.

Panaderia- Three dimensional embroidery showing how bread is made- Latin

Inuit wall hanging- three dimensional, embroidered and appliqued. -Inuit

Close up.

Close up.

Indian Wedding- mixed media- Wendy Green- British

Indian Garden- mixed media. Wendy Green-British

Old embroidered vest, Transylvania


This exhibit was titled "Loony Figures" by Pat Selman- British. She is severely handicapped and could only work on the piece 15 minutes at a time. Her work was so cute and made you smile.

And the other half of her piece.

Viola 1- multi-colored modern embroidery, Wendy Green-British

Wexford Farmstead-hand painted cotton, hand-appliqued and embroidered. Monica Tierney- Irish

Garden Party at Ram House- Vertical abstract piece incorporating hand and machine stitching, dyeing, cutwork, cording and beading. Machine applique on linen. Rosemary MacCarthy-Morrogh- Irish

Jerpoint- quilted and embroidered. An impressionistic view of the ruin of Jerpoint Abby in County Kilkenny. Kitty Whelan-Irish


I hope I gave credit to all the right artists. This is just a few of the many beautiful pieces, if you are able please take the time to go and see the exhibit. It will be there until April ? Their website for more information http://www.iccf.org/ along with more pictures from the exhibit.

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